Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last week we started our home schooling again.  I told Corina that we could wait till after her birthday.  So the first 2 weeks have been going really great.  I even found a free preschool curriculum online for Aurora that is really awesome.  (Gwyneth is listening in as well.)

This weekend hopefully we will be planning to go somewhere so I will have some more England pictures to share.  As of late I have been checking out  I'm just dumbfounded by some of the things that are on there.  I just think I could have made that, or they're selling that on there, or why didn't I think of  that.  An Etsy site may be in the near future for me.  Who knows.

Oh yeah, I also found out about a new genre I had never heard about until the the other day, steampunk.  Type it in Etsy and some really cool jewelry comes up.  I had to type in steampunk in wikipedia to see what the meaning was.  Anyway check it out if you want.

Until next week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corina's 8th Birthday

We had Corina's birthday party Sunday.  It was great.  We rented a bouncy castle for the weekend.  It was a great idea.  There were about 9 kids that came.  Both of our neighbors came and so they got to mingle with the Americans from the base.  Even the adults had a good time talking to each other.

We just decorated our dining room and had the bouncy castle.  I made the cake too.  We were so busy paying attention to everyone and doing stuff that we forgot to take pictures of Corina blowing out her candle.  We got her opening some presents though.  It was a perfect day too.  It only sprinkled once for maybe 5 minutes and then it was over.

Here are some birthday pics.

Until next week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just a little something.

Not much to say about this week really.  Aurora got her first bee sting and the day before that she got her fingers smashed really good in the door.  Other than that we got Corina's homeschooling stuff in and I will be starting on that next week.  I thought we could start after her birthday.  Her birthday is this Sunday.  Hopefully I will have better luck with downloading pictures this time than I did with Gwyneth's birthday!

Until next week.