Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strawberry pickin'

This last week was beautiful here.  I'm afraid though that it might be our only week of summer we get in the UK.  It's back down into the 60's again with clouds and rain and last week it was in the 80's.  

The kids and I went to pick strawberries with out little play group on the base.  It was a good time.  They loved it.  Plus the farm is so beautiful with great views.  

Here is our slide show.

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Well soon it will be time to start homeschooling again.  Trying to give everyone's mind a break before we start again.  Especially mine. 


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost Spring

It has been beautiful here.  Spring time is just around the corner here.  The other day it was in the 60's and they girls were super excited.  It seemed like it had been FOREVER since we has been outside to play because it had been so muddy and damp and cloudy.  

You can see how excited Aurora is.  

 Corina thought is was warm enough for a tank top and shorts.  

About a month ago I downloaded Instagram for my iPhone.  I like it because it takes the picture right then.  You don't have to wait for the flash and then the moment is gone.  Anyhow, then the pictures post in your line up and whoever you are friends with on there can see your pictures and you can also see theirs as well.  

Here is a cute picture of Wesley.  
 Aurora really loves Wesley. She is always bringing hime toys and hugging and loving on him.  
 Here is Corina. She is growing up so fast.  Sometimes I look at here and it scares me.  

Mark took the girls to the park the other day.  Gwyneth insisted upon wearing this winter hat even though it wasn't that cold.  I think she liked the hearts.  

I know that I have more to say but I won't for now.  Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Well, it's been a while since I have blogged.  Since Thanksgiving I think. So it's a new year the holidays are over so it's time to start again.  First of all since I have discovered Pinterest my life has been more crafty.  Below is a coke tab bracelet I made.  It was super easy and Corina is going to give this one to her friend for her birthday.  We have made so many things because of that site and the girls and I love looking on there for projects or ideas.  

Corina had a little party at Girl Scouts the other day.  I was really glad because homeschooling you don't get to enjoy the big school party and hand out valentines like that.  Here is the little purses we made for her Brownie friends.

Here is the Valentine hair that we did for the party.

 I thought this year we would have a little party of our own.  One day I got to go to the store by myself (which is a rarity) and I saw they had all this Valentine cake stuff on sale.  I got icing and cake decorating tips and a cake mix that had red speckles in there.  Those girls had the best time decorating those cupcakes.  Corina decided (for that day) that she was going to be a pastry chef when she grows up.

 Here is mine.  I good attempt at my first time doing something like this I thought.

 Corina did a good job too.
 And so did Aurora.

So the party was a success and we have cupcakes left over.  Actually as I write this they are decorating more right now.  

As for the regular stuff we are still homeschooling.  I found a wonderful preschool curriculum online that I'm going to do with Gwyneth and Aurora.  Aurora is flying through her reading curriculum that I got her.  It's just learning letter and their sounds but she is surprising me.  So is Gwyneth.  All the things she is picking up from hearing me teach the others is amazing.  Corina is doing good in her school too.  I think she is starting to realize a bunch of things and why education is important so that is helping her do even better in school.  

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat Fun

I have to say that this  Halloween was great!  The base had their trick or treating on Saturday night.  We invited our old neighbors to come on the base and trick or treat.  They had always just stayed home and dressed up and given out candy at the door.  Our kids and their kids had the BEST time!  We covered the whole base and beside the school they were doing a trunk or treat.  They had never heard of that before but thought it was pretty cool when the saw it.  People were dressed up givingout candy fromthe bask of their cars and playing monster mash on their cd players.  
Also before trick or treating Aurora and Gwyneth had a party with their playgroup.  It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up.  There was a baby R2D2.  So cute!   This year Corina and Aurora were witches and they would have been something else but I found the costumes at our wonderful base thrift store for only $3.  Gwyn was a fairy and Wesley was a cute little dragon. 
After we went trick or treating we brought came home to check out the candy of course.  Our neighbors kids were excited about the different candy.  

So on to the pictures.  

Here is Corina and Wesley dressed up.

 Gwyn and Aurora were so excited they couldn't stay still.  

Here is Wesley in his cute little dragon outfit.  

Check out the tail!

Here is Aurora at the party playing pin the nose on the pumpkin.

One tired dragon.

Here is everyone dressed up.  

I hope everyone has a great week.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Full Fall Week.

We have had a pretty full week this week.  This week we are taking off of school like the English schools do and having some down time (sort of).  :)  This weekend started off with Corina going with her girl scout troop pumpkin picking.  It was a place called Hill Farm and it was by where we used to live in Peterborough. It was beautiful there.  We drove down this long road to get to the farm and parked and went out to where the pumpkin patch was and there was a beautiful view there. 

Sunday Corina got invited to go swimming with some friends so it we had to little kids.  I told Aurora she got to be the big sister that day.  She thought that was pretty cool.  Mark decided to rake some leaves and of course the girls wanted to help.  They jumped in the leaves and raked and ran and threw leaves in the air.  They had a good time.  The first picture is Mark and Aurora doing a leaf transfer from rake to rake.  Later on Mark said that he could have done his job quicker with out the kids but then realized that they helped him till the very end and thought that was a pretty good quality.  

 I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of Wesley recently so I got out the camera and took some candid shots of him with the girls.

 The other day Aurora asked if she could get out the umbrellas.  She and Gwyneth have these really cute umbrellas with a see through part so you can se through the umbrella while you are walking in the rain.  They thought it was really cool to sit on the couch and watch tv through the viewing part.  After a while I covered the with a blanket with the umbrellas and it was like a tent. They played like that for about 2 hours.
 Here is Gwyneth's and Aurora's turn to go pumpkin picking.  They went with their playground.  Here is Gwyneth in a cool swing they had in the park area there.
 Aurora with one of the may pumpkins she picked out.
 The girls with some pumpkins
 Here is a picture of Corina with her pumpkin.  The view there was so great.  On the other side of the pumpkin patch they had a strawberry patch.

This weekend is trick or treat weekend for us. The girls are super excited.  

Hope everyone has a great week.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Months Ago

Finally after three months I am doing a blog post.

A ridiculous amount of things have happened since I last wrote.

  • 3 weeks before I gave birth we found out we were moving on the post
  • We had Wesley July 19th
  • A few weeks after the movers came and moved half our stuff out of the house and it's in storage.
  • August 16th, Gwyneth's birthday and moving day.  
  • Signed the lease to the house on the post and said good bye to out nice big house.  
  • Start homeschooling
  • Corina's birthday.
  • Lot's of soccer games.
  • Aurora's birthday
  • Wesley is 3 months on the 19th!
That's not even all of it!

I thought I was going to be able to update the blog a lot sooner but as soon as we came home from the hospital after a very eventful birth our internet was shut off because we were moving.  We moved and had to wait a month and a half before we could get internet and phone because that's the way it works over here.....  So below is Wesley then and now.  How time flies!

A week old

 Almost 3 months old.
What a cute little guy!  His sisters love him and are always trying to make him smile.  

Aurora enjoying a chocolate cupcake on her 4th birthday.
Yes Aurora is 4.  My goodness.  She is great with Wesley and she is a little smarty pants too.  I've been doing some school stuff with her and she is really surprising me.  (Don't you love it when your kids surprise you?)

Well that's all for now.  Partly because I'm typing this one handed because i'm holing Wesley.  ;)

 Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July and more stay at home fun.

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend.  Ours really was pretty low key.  They did have a carnival on the base with rides and face painting and bouncy castles and all of that stuff and of course fireworks.  We had to go there of course.  Here is the smilebox scrapbook that I put together of the festival on base.

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So we have been staying at home a lot since I am 37 weeks pregnant and really don't feel like doing much at all.  The first picture  is of the girls with these elephant masks on.  They belong to the elefun game and you are supposed to pick up a doughnut with the trunk but they like to just wear the masks around.

Here is little Gwyn in her highchair eating black olives.  We love black olives at our house.  All the girls love to put them on their fingers and then eat them off.
If you watched the smilebox scrapbook then you saw this picture already but if you didn't this is Mark and the girls at the 4th of July festival on the base.  Mark won this huge turtle and the girls won princess costume jewelry.  Just a small side note about the fireworks. . . Corina and Aurora were SO excited about the fireworks.  When they finally started everyone was yelling and cheering. Not Gwyneth though, she was crying.  It was so funny.  I was holding her and from there on out until the end it was like she was watching a horror show that she could't take her eyes off of.  Then FINALLY at the end she started saying yeah because she figures out that everyone was cheering and clapping and they weren't scared.

That next day Mark had a baseball game and God bless Mark he brought home Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  He brought hats home too and so here is Gwyneth wearing her hat with her doughnut.  
Gwyneth is starting to get a little mischievous so I caught her in the act of climbing on the register.
Here she is sitting on the register with a smile on her face of course.
Corina was giving horse rides.
This picture was taken at about 9 at night but here it is still light out.
Here is Gwyneth watercoloring.  Good thing they are the washable kind.  :)  She really likes to paint. Especially if the other girls are painting too.
This is recycling at one of it's best.  Corina wanted to save this oatmeal box and so here she is painting it.  Kids love to paint things that you don't usually paint.
Here is Aurora painting her Juicy Juice bottle.  She had the best time!  They both thought it was so cool to paint their things.
Here is a pic of Gwyneth and me.  We took about 15 pics because she was having a good time getting her picture taken.

I hope everyone had a good week.