Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Months Ago

Finally after three months I am doing a blog post.

A ridiculous amount of things have happened since I last wrote.

  • 3 weeks before I gave birth we found out we were moving on the post
  • We had Wesley July 19th
  • A few weeks after the movers came and moved half our stuff out of the house and it's in storage.
  • August 16th, Gwyneth's birthday and moving day.  
  • Signed the lease to the house on the post and said good bye to out nice big house.  
  • Start homeschooling
  • Corina's birthday.
  • Lot's of soccer games.
  • Aurora's birthday
  • Wesley is 3 months on the 19th!
That's not even all of it!

I thought I was going to be able to update the blog a lot sooner but as soon as we came home from the hospital after a very eventful birth our internet was shut off because we were moving.  We moved and had to wait a month and a half before we could get internet and phone because that's the way it works over here.....  So below is Wesley then and now.  How time flies!

A week old

 Almost 3 months old.
What a cute little guy!  His sisters love him and are always trying to make him smile.  

Aurora enjoying a chocolate cupcake on her 4th birthday.
Yes Aurora is 4.  My goodness.  She is great with Wesley and she is a little smarty pants too.  I've been doing some school stuff with her and she is really surprising me.  (Don't you love it when your kids surprise you?)

Well that's all for now.  Partly because I'm typing this one handed because i'm holing Wesley.  ;)

 Have a great week!

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