Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Weekend

Here is another post for this week.  I usually don't make posts so close together but we had a good weekend this weekend so I thought I would post some pics.  I was thinking just the other day that we hadn't really taken any pictures in a while.  So below is a digital scrapbook I posted.  Check it out.

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Have a great week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well we have been laying low for a while I guess.  No English country side or city adventures for a while.  It's been pretty yucky and damp outside though.  We had one fluke week of weather that felt like the beginning of spring and now it is gone.  However we have had pansies in our backyard blooming  and growing all winter long.  Also, we have some bulbs coming up.

Today Gwyneth said her first little sentence.  She said, "Moma look."  She has really been saying look just for a little while.  She has also been saying, "this".  She also knows when she has went to the bathroom in her diaper so I guess potty training isn't that far off.  Aurora is getting a pretty big vocabulary.  She says fragile, mystery (I'm pretty sure that's from watching Scooby Doo). She says Holy Mole Guacamole.  It cracks me up every time she says it.  

Last night Mark worked late so the girls and I watched a pretty cool movie on the Disney Channel.  It was called Avalon High.  It was about King Arthur but in todays time with a Disney twist of course.  Mark and I have always loved the King Arthur story.  In England about 5 hours away from us there is a place called Tintagel.  It's a place that looks like it is right out of a story book.  A castle right by the sea.  They think that is the place where the King Arthur story originated and they believe that he actually lived there.  Hopefully when the weather gets warmer we will be able to go there.  

Have a great week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Announcement

Well Mark and I made our big announcement this week.  We are expecting baby Gilley number 4.  I went a few days ago and had my first sonogram.  (Below is a profile pic.) No they couldn't tell what the sex of the baby will be yet but we will find out in about 6 weeks.  I hope we can hold out until then.  Most of you know that we have 3 girls already.  It would be pretty convenient to have another girl because we have all the girls stuff already but I know that Mark would really like to have a boy;  plus, he won't be alone in a house full of girls.  ha ha.  My due date is July 25th so we will see.  

So other than that things have be pretty normal around here.  Today Aurora helped me make lentil soup.  She loves to help in the kitchen.  Poor little Gwyneth was trying her best to help too but Mark was nice and held her and carried her around while Aurora and I had our mommy daughter time.  Aurora is getting so big too.  Im pretty sure that by the end of the summer she might be wearing some size 6 stuff.  She can't wear her 4t pants anymore.  

This week I tried to go through everyone's clothes and get out all the stuff that was too little or that no one was wearing.  If we do have a boy someone will be inheriting a lot of girl clothes!  

Gwyneth is growing fast too.  She is starting to talk a lot and she looks at me like I know you know what I'm saying mom.  I just talk to her like normal and pretend that I do.  She is still pinching Aurora and smiles almost every time she does it.  She has also realized as have we that she is a pretty good climber.  

Corina is doing well at her homeschool.  I love it.  I do have to say I do miss her having the little parties at school and doing all the seasonal things but we can do those at home.  Actually the other day she made a mini heart pillow.  She did a pretty good job.  She is wanting to make some more so maybe next week I will post some pics of some of those.  

Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holidays and Beyond

I am finally posting something after the holidays.  We had a great Christmas.  However, these first two pictures were taken before Christmas.  Mark really likes to make pizza and the girls love to help.  Aurora is getting to the stage where she really

wants to help in the kitchen.  Every time I'm in there cooking she is in there wanting to help.  So here is a picture of her making her pizza.  I think that the pizza originally got a tear in it but it was all good because it turned out looking like a heart.  the girls LOVED it.  So here is Aurora putting the sauce on the heart pizza.  She looks so proud of herself.  The next picture is the finished pizza with all the toppings.

 Here is a picture of our tree on Christmas day.  It looks way better than the previous picture of our tree.  It looks better with presents around it.  These are also presents from grandma and grandpa.  Not just us.  However the more kids you have the more presents you have I guess.  We had a really good Christmas.  Corina said about 7 times that it was the best Christmas ever.  She even said it again yesterday.
The day after Christmas we went to a really nice Christmas party.  We could even bring the kids so that was a bonus for us.  Everyone had a great time.
 Next is just some pics of the kids.  This is Aurora blowing bubbles.  My girls love doing this at the sink.  I did it with my mom when I was a kid and then did it at grandma's too. The neighbor girl even came over one time and blew bubbles.  It's fun to see how many bubbles you can blow until you have a bubble mountain.
The last picture is of Corina taking a quick break to pose for the camera.  She was working on her school.  Homeschool is going really good.  We both really like it.
As for Gwyneth she is learning so much.  I know she understands a ton of what everyone is saying.  It'f pretty funny.  When Aurora was little she was a pincher and a biter. Now Gwyneth is starting to pinch.  (Mainly Aurora)  I was telling Aurora how she used to me a pincher and biter just the other day and she could hardly believe it.  I guess she is just getting her payback.

Well that is all for now.

Have a great week.