Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well we have been laying low for a while I guess.  No English country side or city adventures for a while.  It's been pretty yucky and damp outside though.  We had one fluke week of weather that felt like the beginning of spring and now it is gone.  However we have had pansies in our backyard blooming  and growing all winter long.  Also, we have some bulbs coming up.

Today Gwyneth said her first little sentence.  She said, "Moma look."  She has really been saying look just for a little while.  She has also been saying, "this".  She also knows when she has went to the bathroom in her diaper so I guess potty training isn't that far off.  Aurora is getting a pretty big vocabulary.  She says fragile, mystery (I'm pretty sure that's from watching Scooby Doo). She says Holy Mole Guacamole.  It cracks me up every time she says it.  

Last night Mark worked late so the girls and I watched a pretty cool movie on the Disney Channel.  It was called Avalon High.  It was about King Arthur but in todays time with a Disney twist of course.  Mark and I have always loved the King Arthur story.  In England about 5 hours away from us there is a place called Tintagel.  It's a place that looks like it is right out of a story book.  A castle right by the sea.  They think that is the place where the King Arthur story originated and they believe that he actually lived there.  Hopefully when the weather gets warmer we will be able to go there.  

Have a great week.

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