Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost Spring

It has been beautiful here.  Spring time is just around the corner here.  The other day it was in the 60's and they girls were super excited.  It seemed like it had been FOREVER since we has been outside to play because it had been so muddy and damp and cloudy.  

You can see how excited Aurora is.  

 Corina thought is was warm enough for a tank top and shorts.  

About a month ago I downloaded Instagram for my iPhone.  I like it because it takes the picture right then.  You don't have to wait for the flash and then the moment is gone.  Anyhow, then the pictures post in your line up and whoever you are friends with on there can see your pictures and you can also see theirs as well.  

Here is a cute picture of Wesley.  
 Aurora really loves Wesley. She is always bringing hime toys and hugging and loving on him.  
 Here is Corina. She is growing up so fast.  Sometimes I look at here and it scares me.  

Mark took the girls to the park the other day.  Gwyneth insisted upon wearing this winter hat even though it wasn't that cold.  I think she liked the hearts.  

I know that I have more to say but I won't for now.  Have a good week everyone.

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