Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When I wasn't looking.

First of all I sold my first set of cards.  They were Halloween party invitations for my neighbor.  I'm really excited about it.

So on to the title of this post:

Gwyneth is all of a sudden becoming more vocal.  She's starting to point to what she wants.  She's been doing it for a little while but now she know she really will get it if she points.  She always tries to do what Aurora is doing.  It's so funny.  Sometimes Aurora likes it and sometimes she doesn't. The hazards of being a big sister I guess.  The other morning Gwyneth was playing on a little toy phone and I swear she said hello but I haven't really heard her say it since then but she knows what it means.  That same day I said thank you do her and she said da doo but in the same sound as thank you.  So now should I put one of these as her first word?  I don't know.

Now for Aurora.  I'm still shocked about this one.  The other day we were getting ready to go to the park across the road and I grabbed some pants out of her drawer. They were 3T pants.  They were like high waters on her.  I swear they fit her like 2 weeks ago.  So I grabbed another pair of pants out of the drawer and they were 5T.  They fit perfectly!!!  I was thinking, "What the heck!"  The pants I put on her though was the kind that you would wear in the summer and are a little short anyway and looked like regular length pants on her.  We went to the BX the other day and I thought I would her some new pants.  (For some reason I guess not very many 4T or 5T pants got saved from Corina.) They didn't have any 4T so I got 5T and they fit great. So my child who is about to turn 3 is in a 5T!  How in the world did we skip a whole size?  I don't know.

This weekend Mark has a 4 day weekend.  There is a big children's art festival called the big draw we are going to try to go to.  I hope it's a nice day.  We need to go toy shopping too for Aurora's birthday.  

Have a great week.

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