Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just life.

Earlier this week I posted a comment on my facebook page about our tree.  Here is what my post said...

 "Just looked at our Christmas tree and realized that there are no ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. Gwyneth keeps getting the ornaments and Corina and Aurora get them from her and move then up as high as they can so all the ornaments are packed at the top. " I just thought I would post a picture of our tree.  As you can see the bottom is totally bare with all the ornaments at the top.  There is even a yanked down string of light on the left side of the tree.  Poor tree!  It will be a good memory to put in the scrapbook.  

Thanksgiving was good this year.  We just stayed at home.  We had everything.  Turkey, corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce.  We also had pumpkin pie.  I had made it the night before and we ended up eating it for breakfast.  It was so yummy.  My grandma sent us a package with all the fixings to make her pumpkin pie.  I have been waiting to make it till Mark is off.  He is off this week.  I hope it turns out just like hers.  

This last Saturday it snowed.  The girls were so excited.  I'm pretty sure they were awake for just about 10 minutes and then they were already throwing on warm clothes to go outside and play in the snow.  It snowed almost everyday last week.  When we went to church last Sunday the guy that helps guide people where to park asked if we were used to the snow.  Mark and I were like, "Oh yeah it snows where we come from.  We are used to it."  The snow here is nothing compared to the us though.  It looks like it's snowing a ton but you can still see the grass though the snow.  Here are some pictures of the girls in the snow.  The first is Gwyneth and the cats really wishing they were outside with Corina and Aurora, second is Corina catching snowflakes, third is the girls playing in the back yard.  

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