Sunday, July 11, 2010


This week I have been thinking of some of the differences in England compared to the US.  So here they are.

Here the kids go to school year round.  Everyone wears uniforms here.  The uniforms are super cheap.  In the summer all the girls wear these cute little dresses and they are just 4 pounds.  How nice would that be to pay that much for your kids clothes to wear to school.  Every Friday school gets out at 1pm.

You can park anywhere here just about.  Cars are parked all on the sides of the roads here.

The food packaging is different here.  Some of them say exactly why you should eat the food and why it's healthy.  I like that.  The grocery stores are kind of set up like a whole foods store.  Milk is in litters here.  Not gallons.

There isn't any air conditioning here because it hardly ever get hot enough to use it.

Outlets aren't allowed in the bathrooms.  The light switched to the bathroom are either on the other side of the wall before you go into the bath room or there is a cord hanging from the ceiling that you pull to turn the light on.

I haven't seen very many fences here.  Instead they have bushes they have planted.  I guess it really is called a hedge.  How economical is that.  Instead of paying for a fence you plant a hedge fence and it's good for the environment.

Speaking of the environment all of England has gone green.  We have to recycle everything.  We have 3 huge bins we have to put our stuff in.  One if for recyclables, one for garden waste, and the last is for the rest of the trash.  If you don't recycle properly you get fined.

There's lots of windmill here creating electricity.  It's pretty cool to see them all over the country side when you are driving.

And last but not least....  It seems like they are stuck in the 80's here.  There's lots of spandex and black tights, lots of 80's music.  No 80's hair though.  Whew!

Have a great week.

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  1. very interesting! I look forward to reading more about your life in England!