Sunday, July 4, 2010

The first one.

I had been thinking about starting a blog since we have moved here about all the new adn exciting things we are experiencing in England and I've just now finally started it.  

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  There was a carnival on the base and fireworks.  So we celebrated our independence from England in England.  Kind of weird to think about.  England doesn't have an independence day.  Anyway so last night when we were driving home from the base, right by our neighborhood, we saw Captain America and Wonder Woman Walk down the road.  Then as we got closer to our house we saw a man dressed in a hula skirt and a straw hat.  Someone had thrown a party!

I have to admit I was missing home yesterday.  I was thinking about all those 4th of Julys spent in my back yard watching fireworks with the youth group.  Those were such good times.  Then watching them with Corina when she was a little baby in the back yard.  Time has passed so quick it seems.  

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  1. Nancy - I will be looking out for your blogs and wow - it must be a little strange celebrating independence from England in England! Thank God for America! Hope the family is well and thanks again for all the pictures and posts! Looking forward to hearing more about your experience while you all are there! Sabrina :)