Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guy Fawkes

The week after Halloween was a good week. We were still excited about all the kids that came to the door for trick or treating.

Friday night the school behind us had a carnival for Guy Fawkes Day. Click here to find out more about him. I knew they were going to have a fireworks display that night at 6pm. Just for the record it has been getting dark here at 4pm and dark all the way here by 5:30 at least! We saw a few fireworks set off from the school and from other in the community. Around 7 was when the fireworks really started. Aurora heard them and she a Corina were so excited. We went out in the backyard and the girls jumped onthe trampoline while the fireworks went off. It was like the 4th of July. I took Gwyneth outside to watch them. She didn't know what to do. It was so cute. She had this look of shock because of the sound, then she would look in awe at the firework, then the boom at the end she had a look of fear. Then she would look at Corina and Aurora jumping and laughing and not know what to think poor kid. We had fireworks for 3 nights in a row and we could see them all around our house from all the different towns around.

Today Mark has had off for Veteran's Day. It's been a good day.  Tomorrow night is parent's night out on the base.  I don't know what we will do yet.

As for the girls Gwyneth is really developing her personality.  She always examining everything and trying her best to communicate.  Aurora is seems like since her third birthday has really grown up a lot.  She loves to learn and read.  Corina is becoming a young lady.  She is so compasionate and always thinking of projects to do and ways to help. They are great kids.

Until next week.

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