Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween. Tuesday Corina had a birthday party to go to and then she had a Halloween party to go to. She had a great time. They bobbed for apples and watched Monsters Inc. Earlier that morning we had went to the base and found out that trunk or treating was going on so that night after the Halloween party we went trick or treating on the base. There was a long row of cars lined up to trunk or treat and on of the main houses on the base had a Willy Wonka theme and there was woman dressed as Willy Wonka handing out candy. They even had a grandpa in a bed handing out candy and you could win a golden ticket and get a prize. It was pretty cool.

Around our neighborhood you could barely tell it was Halloween. People kept saying that Halloween is an American thing. We did hear that we would get lots of trick or treaters though. So we didn't know what to expect. That day we set our pumpkins out and put our spider webs out on the front door. That was way more than anyone else did in the neighborhood. That night we had about 300 trick or treaters. Mark handed out the candy. He had a great time. Actually we ran out of candy and he started giving the kid candy corn out of the bag. Even after we had turned our light off people we still knocking and ringing our doorbell and asking for candy.

Some of the people that came to the door asked if we were Americans. The teenagers we really interested about that. Also some people were excited to see the candy corn because they had heard about it but never seen it because they don't have candy corn in the UK.

So next year we will be getting more candy! Check out my slide show of our Halloween Fun.

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