Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a great Easter.  It was beautiful outside.  Yeah!  Usually it seems like it is always freezing on Easter and rainy.  On Good Friday we dyed eggs. We have dyed eggs on Good Friday ever since I was a kid so I carried on the tradition with my kids.   Aurora and Corina had a good time dyeing eggs.  I had some boxes of dye and so Corina got her own box and Aurora had her own.  It worked out wonderfully.

Easter morning the girls were so excited.  Especially Aurora.  Her voice was almost a squeal every time she found and egg.  She is 3 this year so she is really able to enjoy it.  Gwyneth was really just excited about the toys she got in her Easter basket and she just wanted to check them out.  Mark tried to get her to look for eggs but she kept going back to her toys in her Easter basket.

On a bitter sweet note Corina asked this morning if the Easter Bunny was real and if I got the gifts and eggs. I asked her what she thought.  She said that she thought that I had gotten them and then she asked me if I did.  I had to say yes. She had asked me the night before and I told her I would tell her later.  At least she didn't ask about Santa.  I'm sure she will figure it out soon enough.  Anyway then she was asking why they had the Easter Bunny so I told her we would look up the history of the Easter Bunny.  Also that she had better not tell Aurora that the Easter Bunny isn't real.

So I'm posting one picture this week and then I made a slide show of the rest with smile box.  This week it was so nice outside.  It was almost 80.  The girls wanted to have a water fight outside and wanted to know if they could put on their bathing suits.  I thought might as well.  Actually we all got a little tan from being outside this week.

The girls getting a tan in the hot English weather.

Here are all of our Easter Pics.  I put them in a super cute slide show by smilebox.

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I hope everyone else has a great Easter too and has a great rest of the week.

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