Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Big Trip

We had a pretty good week this week.  Mark was off for most of the week so we were able to hang out a lot which was nice.  One night he let me go to the movies while he watched the kids.  He took them to the McDonald's play place while I was at the theater.  Here are some pics of them there that he took. 

This is a random picture.  Me and my girls love black olives.  We eat them all the time.  They are also good for putting on your fingers.

These are pictures from our trip to London this week.  I had a student that came over to London and we met up with her.  It's so nice when someone is here that you know from back home.  We drove to Greenwich and picked her up and then found our parking spot.  Then we walked out to where the river cruise docks.  We rode the boat down to the Tower of London and then we walked the (very long) path that runs up and down the Thames River.  It's a really nice walk.

This is Gwyneth on the boat.

 Aurora on the boat in her cute little hat.  

Corina on the boat.  Tower bridge is in the background.

Corina on the boat with the Tower of London in the background.

Corina is walking around outside the Tower of London.



Mark and I outside the Tower of London.

Corina with the Tower of London to the left and Tower Bridge to the right.

This is a picture of what London Bridge looks like today.  (It's a little disappointing.)  They said on the cruise that the one before this one is in a museum in AZ. 

 Approaching Tower Bridge on the boat.

Our family pic on the boat.  Someone said that this looked like John Lennon behind us.  What do you think.

Hope everyone had a great week.  

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